Leani & Adam | 20-Oct-2017
If you're looking for a DJ that gets your style and can keep your guests on the dance floor all night, look no further. From a few minutes into the very first meeting, my husband and I felt like DJ Medina just got us. We're that odd Puerto Rican/West Indian mix with a love of oldies (think The Drifters, Sinatra, Bobby Darin) and '90s R&B. We weren't exactly sure how all of that would mesh, but from the ceremony music to the cocktail hour, first dances to all out dance sets and helping us plan the flow of the day, DJ Medina found our perfect mix. From the first meeting with him and interacting with him throughout the whole process, you'll immediately appreciate his passion for his craft that goes way beyond playing music. He explains his reasoning behind designing the style and order of the sections throughout the night. He listened carefully to what we had in mind, but wasn't afraid to respectfully push back when he had a different opinion. We loved the feeling that we weren't just hiring him, we were collaborating with him to find the best solutions.

It's been over a month since our wedding, and we still have people complementing our music and telling us how much fun they had dancing the night away! He was able to sense the mood of the room and adjust playlists accordingly. He was able to seamlessly incorporate spontaneous requests during the night (including some last-minute soca requests) and he offered valuable professional advice before and during the wedding (when we had a new walkout idea literally minutes before it was time to enter the reception.) He's responsive, patient (hello, bride brain), and incredibly calm and kind. And his music collection can't be beat. You won't regret hiring him!
William & Caitlin | 8-Oct-2018
We are pleased to write this review of David Medina, DJ extraordinaire. What a party!! What initially sold us on DJ David was that he had experience in throwing a party for a diverse crowd. He told us that he‘d thrown a Dominican/ Scottish wedding reception party where people were dancing Bachata in kilts. That alongside his glowing reviews were enough for us to consider him for our Irish/ Puerto Rican wedding. People were literally on the dance floor for the entire duration and everything was played appropriately not only during announcements but while serving meals and during other events throughout the wedding reception. He is incredibly knowledgeable about music. Whether it be Tito Rodriguez, Fonsi, Frank Sinatra, Smokey Robinson, The Grateful Dead, Van Morrison or the Lumineers. More importantly he is articulate when making announcements and is truly a class act. You can’t go wrong with him to throw the party of a lifetime especially when a band just won’t do. A truly memorable event!!
Amanda & Tony | 23-Sept-2017
I don't think I've ever been to a wedding where I've loved the DJ as much as I loved DJ David Medina and it REALLY helps that it was our wedding! My husband, Tony, and I were planning everything ourselves at The Dumbo Loft in Brooklyn and when we met David we knew immediately he was for us. He is the nicest person and his knowledge about music blew my mind! My husband and I listen to just about anything and it was such a blessing to have someone who knew so much about music to fulfill our needs the day of our wedding. On top of that, he helped us set a schedule for the day! It was such a major help since we didn't have any clue where to start and everything turned out absolutely perfect! Do yourself a favor and reach out to him because you won't find a DJ who is as nice or as accommodating to you as he is (I mean, you may but the level of customer service from him was phenomenal...it's hard to find). He set us at ease and took care of us and that's how every married couple should feel!
Thomas & Sheena | 2-Sept-2017
From the moment we spoke to David to set up a meeting, he was a professional. He was courteous, respectful and pretty much a super cool dude. We had a very mixed bunch of guests at our wedding, Polish, Mexican, Guatemalan, you name it and David was able to please everyone with his style. We gave him a list of suggested songs to play, which I can imagine was a little tricky mixing songs for a Polish/ Mexican wedding but he did an awesome job and did not disappoint. He was very accommodating on the night of our wedding when people wanted to say a few words or if anyone had any song request (asking if it was OK with the bride and groom first) If your thinking of having David DJ your wedding you will have the time of your life. Thanks David and hope to see you around Brooklyn soon!
Erza & David | 1-Sept-2017
We first met DJ David Medina at my sister-in-law's wedding a few years ago. It was only right that when we got married last month that we hire him to DJ for our wedding. From the beginning he was extremely professional, understood our vision and was able to carry that through on our wedding day. DJ Medina made the process very easy on us with a few phone calls and an outlined spreadsheet of what music we wanted at our wedding (and did not want). The day of our wedding he flawlessly handled our music selection, which were in 3 different languages! Our guests never stopped dancing the entire night and couples who attended our wedding who are soon to be wed requested his information for their own weddings. If you hire DJ Medina for any of your events I guarantee that he will see through your vision and make your party come to life. You can focus on everything else while he handles the music and you will not be disappointed! Thank you DJ Medina, we hope to see you soon!
Christine & Jonathan | 19-Aug-2017
If you want a guarantee that the dance floor of your wedding is always packed, HIRE DAVID!! My husband Jonathan & I tied the knot on August 19th, 2017 and it was truly the most magical day of our lives. David provided the music for our ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. It was absolute perfection from beginning to end. During the planning of our big day David was timely with responses and provided us with so much information and advice. Because our music selections were all over the place ranging from 80's classics, to old school latin hits and today's hip hop & pop, we were concerned that things wouldn't flow but boy were we wrong! David did not miss a beat! We had requested so many different songs prior to our wedding and David made sure that our top selections were played. Our dance floor was packed the entire night! Older family members and young friends all danced the night away to such a great mix of music. David did such a wonderful job of keeping the party going but also ensuring that we stayed on schedule for our speeches, parent dances and bouquet toss. He created such an amazing ambiance for my husband, myself and our guests on the most important day of our lives. I can't say enough how pleased we are with having booked him for our wedding. He truly went above and beyond to give us exactly what we wanted!
Kaleigh & Fadel | 11-Aug-2017
Fadel and I had an absolutely wonderful experience working with David Medina!!!! Besides the fact that he is a really cool and great guy, he was very organized, professional and friendly before and during the wedding. He was quick to respond to our initial email and very helpful in making the process hassle free and enjoyable. Neither my husband nor I had a very concrete idea of what kind of music we wanted. But after two very productive meetings with David on skype (we are based in Paris), he helped us figure out what kind of music worked best at our wedding. Fadel has very specific music taste and David was able to find a perfect balance of Jazz, french rap and dance music. The playlist fit Fadel and I perfectly and created a very personal and fun atmosphere. Our guests were thrilled with the DJ and are still talking about how great the music and dancing was weeks later! We had such a great time thanks to David and will treasure these memories! We highly recommend him!!
Kathleen & Andre | 1-July-2017
My husband and I are currently living and working in Australia. We knew we wanted to get back to N.Y. for our wedding so we gambled on a lot of things planning from another country. One thing we didn't take a chance on was the music. My partner comes from a Puerto Rican background while I am from a large Irish family. Music is our lives. It was important for us to have a wide range of music that everyone could enjoy. We knew that when we Skyped with David the first time that not only was he exactly what we were looking for, we felt like we've known him for years. He had an amazing upbeat vibe and he blew us away with his experience. We were told that at every wedding, at least one thing must go wrong. And it did- the fire alarm accidentally went off in our venue for a solid 15 mins. David instantly started playing "We didn't start the fire" and had people laughing hysterically! The few songs after that were related to fire and had people either dancing or laughing. People were talking about it for days after! We couldn't have asked for anyone better. We will recommend David over anyone and are so incredibly lucky that he chose us. He's a cool, down to earth, professional family man, and he knows weddings like the back of his hand. He is incredibly talented and we are forever grateful! Thank you a MILLION TIMES OVER David!!!
Eric & Becky | 25-June-2017
DJ David Medina was a wonderful DJ who's music really helped make our wedding fun. He was always responsive and willing to talk or meet with us to help in our planning and he also did some good research for our musical suggestions. He provided his own speakers & equipment and they were very loud and well balanced. His MC abilities were also great and unobtrusive. He's done a thousand weddings and we trusted him greatly because of his great experience.
Stefanie & Jason | 24-June-2017
We had such a great experience working with David. From our first call with him we knew we were in good hands. David is extremely professional and experienced and was on board with our vision of playing music from the ’80’s and ’90’s. David was available and responsive during the whole planning process and helped us work out the timeline and flow for the day. On the day of the wedding, David was on time and ready to go. He helped transition guests from the ceremony to reception smoothly. The playlist he created was exactly what we were looking for and all of our guests had a great time dancing to it all night. We really loved working with David, and his chill personality was a perfect match for us. We would definitely recommend David to everyone.
Andrea & Mike | 4-June-2017
I don't know where to start...David was kind, patient, knowledgeable and just amazingly AWESOME! My husband and I are pretty laid back and were looking for a DJ that wouldn't be overbearing for our Sunday afternoon wedding in June. My husband is a musician, originally from Detroit, and I am a music lover who is still stuck in the 80’s. David made sure that our Motown and 80’s hits were flowing throughout the afternoon. He had his finger on the pulse of the crowd throughout the event, which kept our guests (and myself!) dancing for hours. A month later, and our guests are still talking about how much fun they had. I can’t say enough good things about David…not only is he a true professional, and lover of music, but a wonderful person. Book him! You will not be disappointed.
Julie & Graig | 21-May-2017
DJ Medina was incredible. He knows his weddings! David was our wedding sage, guiding us through the steps of our ceremony and reception.....And making sure we had the perfect music for each moment. He was receptive to our needs, like volume control for some of the older guests during dinner, and sought out songs that wouldn't be on traditional DJ play lists. DJ Medina takes his work personally and to the utmost professional level. We found David to be so friendly and personable- we felt like we were his only clients. He really made time to get to know us and talk about what we envisioned and wanted. He wove our requests into his playlist seamlessly, and energized our family and friends to unexpected levels of celebration. There were some amazing moments on the dance floor, and we thank him for making it all possible.
Ray & Patricia | 29-April-2017
I booked David as our DJ for our Brooklyn wedding in April 2017. Scouring all the wedding, entertainment, and various other DJ service review sites I found an incredible amount of 4 and 5 star reviews. I was slightly skeptical of the sheer quantity of spectacular DJs and after reaching out to a number of them, felt my skepticism was somewhat justified. However, after speaking with David on the phone, I was confident that my research was well worth it and we had found just the right DJ. David was prompt to respond, upfront about costs, thorough, humorous, down to earth, confident, enthusiastic, and realistic to all the requests we presented. My wife and I had a pretty comprehensive playlist and were also not looking to have a 'DJ-on-the-mic / club atmosphere' for our reception. However, we did want someone that could turn the energy up and keep us dancing the whole night through. David couldn't have been better suited for us in that respect. He's quick on his feet and has a great sense of humor so I'd be willing to bet if we'd have preferred he entertain a little more on the mic, he'd have had no problem. My wife and I planned our wedding ourselves and David was especially helpful at walking us through the timeline and making sure we were taking into account and providing adequate timing for everything. David checked in with us on the big day only as necessary, which allowed us to unwind and have fun with friends and family (and pose for countless photos). David was masterful at setting the mood and flawlessly transitioning our reception from Cocktail Hour + Dinner (Jazz - Soul - French love songs - Indie) to the speeches and then the after-dinner set list (Current Top 40s - some classic Hip Hop and NJ Rock). We heartily recommend you speak with David and book him for your wedding, as he truly is a spectacular DJ.
Kat & Brian | 28-April-2017
David is beyond awesome!! We were impressed with him from our first phone call to the last dance. He offers incredible advice, asks smart questions and plans ahead. If you’re not sure what you want, he’ll have great suggestions - and if you have a specific idea, he’ll make it gold! He helped me plan two surprise dances that worked out perfectly. David is a total pro - and on top of that, he’s a super nice guy who’s fun to work with. On the wedding day he arrived on the dot and ran things beautifully. His announcement style was cool/subtle yet got attention and helped us stay on track (he worked seamlessly with the venue coordinator). And he gracefully got the mic back when the unplanned speeches began. Our request list was wide-ranging and included some esoteric songs, and David totally ran with it. He masterfully arranged our requests, and built on them like a dream while reading the crowd. People started dancing during cocktails and after dinner, everyone from 8 to 80 was on the dance floor. AMAZING. We all had a blast! Ten stars!
Roberto & Siril | 14-April-2017
We had a fantastic experience working with David. He took the time to get to know us as a couple and understand the vision we were trying to achieve at our wedding. Our meetings were on Skype as we live in Europe and David is based out of NYC however, his professionalism and welcoming demeanor made us feel instantly comfortable and in good hands. David allowed us to see things from his professional prospective while still maintaining what my wife and I envisioned for the day. We were able to bounce ideas off of him and find the perfect solution. We highly recommend David and would not hesitate to hire him in the future. -One Happy Client.
Tracy & Miguel | 9-April-2017
I would definitely recommend DJ (David) Medina to anyone who is interested. Trust me, he will not disappoint!! Our wedding was on Palm Sunday and DJ Medina was punctual, prepared and accommodating. From the first conversation with DJ Medina, my husband and I immediately liked him. He was experienced and guided us through every step of the process. We selected different genres of music for our wedding and David was able to meet all our requests. He was pleasant and willing to speak whenever we requested. He was also appropriately dressed and calm throughout our wedding, which helped me feel at ease as well. Most importantly, our guests enjoyed the music. Everyone was dancing and had a blast. It was a sincere pleasure meeting and working with DJ Medina.
Julia & Grant | 25-March-2017
Hi David,

Grant and I just wanted to say how much fun we had at our wedding because of your DJing! Everyone told us afterwards that it was a really fun party and the music was great. We just wanted to let you know that you did an amazing job and we could not be happier :) We've already recommended you to a few people!

Thanks again,
Amy & Nick | 4- Feb-2017
David was amazing! He listened to everything I wanted and executed my vision perfectly. The playlist he put together was exactly what we wanted and it kept our crowd dancing till the end.

David completely understood the format of our event and kept the party moving. He was ready with the microphone for toasts and announcements; his timing on everything was perfect. His energy was upbeat with a very cool vibe. He clearly is a professional with years of experience who understands his clients needs.

I really liked David's calm and professional demeanor throughout the entire process. He explained everything thoroughly from start to finish and made me feel completely confident in his ability/skills. He quickly responded to every email/phone call I made and listened patiently to all my questions/concerns. I was totally at ease when the day finally arrived, knowing that David would be taking good care of us!

I would highly recommend DJ David Medina for any event. Regardless of the style of music you like or the venue you are hosting your event in, David will listen to your wants and needs and deliver an amazing evening. He far exceeded my expectations and made our wedding an event that will bring happy memories for the rest of our lives!
Joann & Michael | 19-Nov-2016
My husband and I feel so fortunate that we had David as our wedding DJ! Not only is he one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, but he is a ridiculously talented DJ who will go out of his way to make sure you have the perfect wedding.

We were initially introduced to him, as he was the wedding DJ for two weddings we went to last year. That was no coincidence by the way - the second couple heard him at the first couples' wedding and fell in love with David's style. When we approached him about our wedding he was so genuinely happy to help us out.

David is extremely flexible which was much appreciated - my husband and I both work full time jobs so we really only had time to talk to David after work and that was never a problem for David. Also, anytime we e-mailed him we got a reply within hours. He provides his couples with a questionnaire that is thorough and will ensure that you get the music you want and he really knows it all from international to jazz to alternative to hip hop.

On the day of the wedding, he emceed perfectly and he kept the party going strong. He also did something so thoughtful during the dinner while everyone was eating, he slipped in a song by The Smiths for my husband (David and my husband had a conversation several weeks back about how they were both fans of The Smiths). The Smiths are not necessarily the type of band you would expect to hear at a wedding but David played it at just the right time and it put a big smile on my husband's face - it was such a thoughtful move on David's part.

He really is the consummate DJ. He not only has an encyclopedia-like knowledge of music but he is one of the most professional and approachable people you will ever meet. We HIGHLY recommend David for your wedding!
Diana & Chris | 12-Nov-2016
David is the best DJ we could have asked for! He is extremely professional, accommodating, and knows how to keep the party going. Among all of the DJs we interviewed, David stood out as the most responsive and serious about his work. That level of professionalism followed all the way through the wedding night. Prior to the big day, he was communicative and proactive in seeking our input. On the day of the wedding, he arrived very early to make sure everything was set up well in advance. During the dancing part of the evening, he knew how to keep the party going - the dance floor stayed packed for hours! We relied on David as an "emcee" for the reception too, and he knew how exactly when and how to get the crowd's attention. Multiple guests asked us after the wedding if they could get a copy of the DJ's playlist - that's how perfectly he was able to 'read' our crowd! Would recommend David to anyone - he is simply the best.
Elizabeth & Ron | 15-Oct-2016
David did a fantastic job with our wedding. Before the event, he gathered feedback on our musical tastes and then smoothly brought in his guidance that if we wanted people dancing, we'd have to focus on fan favorites. So, during the event, he pulled in a lot of our favorites during breaks in the dancing, and he had everyone dancing the rest of the time. We had a diverse crowd, and David handled it deftly, for example switching from the hora immediately to a Mexican favorite to pull our Mexican guests onto the floor. Everything flowed smoothly, and everyone had a great time.
Evelyn & John | 9-Oct-2016
Finding a great DJ was one of our top priorities when my husband and I started planning our wedding. From our first conversation with DJ Medina we knew he was exactly what we were looking for. Unfortunately, DJ Medina was booked but he recommended DJ Marlon. When we met DJ Medina and DJ Marlon they were both so warm and upbeat, it was like meeting old friends. DJ Medina even helped us find an amazing percussionist player at a reasonable price. Both DJ Medina and DJ Marlon worked together on our playlist and it was beautifully executed on the day of our wedding by DJ Marlon. Our friends and family were so impressed by DJ Marlon’s skills, they all danced and had a wonderful time. Our playlist included salsa, cumbia, pop, oldies, 80’s, 90’s, hip-hop, Spanish rock… it was awesome! I wish we could do it all over again. The day of the wedding DJ Marlon made sure everything was taken care of; he went above and beyond to make sure our wedding was special and not just another wedding. We feel so grateful and thankful to have found DJ Medina and DJ Marlon. Thank you for the best day ever!!! We highly recommend DJ Medina and DJ Marlon for your special day!
Elissa & Keith | 10-Sept-2016
David Medina is a true professional who is not only talented, but also kind, comforting and flexible!! There were so many elements to our wedding music that we were unsure of. My family is American by way of Puerto Rico and the hubby's family is West Indian/Grenadian. We were concerned with everything from age of our guests to "do we play old school hip hop? Salsa or bachata? Reggae or soca? What about old school R&B? Current pop?" We created a detailed playlist but ultimately David was able to IMMEDIATELY get a feel for our wedding and it was 100% TURNED UP!! He played some songs from the playlist and other songs came into rotation based off of the vibes and the choices were on point. We had bare feet, formal napkins being used as forehead wipes, and a bride who exchanged her platforms for converse. He knows all types of music and above all is just a genuinely beautiful person, inside and out. His energy was wonderful and we ALL loved having David at the wedding. Your money will definitely be well spent.

Elissa & Keith
Simon & Jessica | 27-Aug-2016
DJ David Medina added so much to our wedding night! Everybody remarked how great he was, the great song sequencing and selections, how he kept the party atmosphere going all night. It was truly an unforgettable and special night for us. We enjoyed working with him right from the start (beginning with his very thorough questionnaire). David also worked great with our wedding coordinator (which was very important with us) and completely professional throughout. We loved his chill, his calmness and his joy in his work. We're so happy to have chosen David to be part of our wedding! For sure we'd recommend David to everyone. Definitely worth every penny.

Simon & Jessica
Stefanie & Richard | 19-Aug-2016
David made our vision come true! He helped us create a perfect combination of music that made everyone dance all night. He also helped us get the best conga player so that we could add a pizzazz to the music. I highly recommend David to anyone and everyone looking to have a wedding filled with lots of dancing.
Michael & Shin-Hua | 13-Aug-2016
DJ David Medina was a pleasure to work with. I found good reviews on him on the weddingwire and decided to give it a go. My fiancé and I met him in the city to get to know each other better and we got nothing but positive vibes. It didn't hurt that we also enjoyed the same movies. After the initial meetings, we kept in touch to go over the questionnaire he sent us and the list of songs that we wanted to have played at our wedding. Two weeks before the wedding we discussed the playlist and plan for the big day. During our meeting he also gave us advice on what might be an optimal schedule for the reception and at the same time was open to ideas we had as well. On the wedding day, David was there early and a complete professional. He even was able to accommodate some last second changes in a cool and calm manner. My fiancé and guests had a blast and everyone kept complimenting David. But what surprised me most is when my mom called me a couple of days later and said, "the DJ was so good! your Uncle also thought he was great and nice!". She didn't even mention the food! David was fun to work with, a complete professional and was the perfect choice for our wedding. I would 100% recommend him if your looking for a DJ for any event.

Michael & Shin-Hua
Jennifer & Jason | 25-June-2016
David was great to work with and everything went wonderfully. He really listened to our ideas and made sure that we got the music, announcements, and overall flow that we wanted for our wedding. He checked all the boxes on our 'must plays' and was very helpful with things like cutting the songs just right for first dance, father/daughter, etc. His style was great and very professional, keeping things moving, and people dancing and having fun. All this for a price that is way more reasonable than a lot of the competition we looked at. Can't recommend David as an event DJ enough!
Ellen & Eric | 18-June-2016
I cannot say enough about how FABULOUS David was for our wedding. Not only was he so easy to work with before the event, but, during the event he kept the dance floor packed and the party going all night. Before the event, David was easy to reach and responsive. I had several questions about song recommendations and protocol for the event and he was a great advisor. During the event, he read our crowd well and played songs he knew would keep them moving! We have had so many compliments on the amazing quality of the music. Guests kept saying that the playlist was incredible. They are still talking about it! I am so glad we chose David for our special day. His professionalism is unparalleled and his repertoire and knowledge of music was vast. I can guarantee you will not be disappointed!

Ellen & Eric
Amber & Graham | 22-May-2016
Finding a wedding DJ online is hard, because lets be honest, unless you've heard the person play at someone else's wedding, you can't really tell what you're going to get. Luckily, DJ David Medina has videos of his work online! So once we saw/heard what his style was like, we knew we had to meet him. He was so personable, organized, professional, real, and genuinely kind. He helped us with our timeline and finding the right balance of music to set the tone for our ceremony and reception. We loved his non-cheesy, cool style and knew that there would be no risk of having him "taking over the show" (if you've seen it happen at weddings, you know what I mean). He helped make our wedding the best day/night of our lives! Thanks David!
Kaitlin & Dave | 21-May-2016
We couldn't have been happier with DJ Medina. He came recommended by our venue, and after our first conversation, we knew it was meant to be. Tasked with "playing the music you always wish you *could* play at a wedding", he crafted a playlist that hit all our Motown, Otis Redding, and Talking Heads highlights, and had the entire reception for our brunch wedding *hopping*. Tall task for a spring brunch affair! We continue to receive compliments on the day, much in part to the effortlessness of DJ Medina in crafting the perfect musical backdrop for our day, and for everyone there. Almost worth getting married again -do you do anniversaries? ;-)
Jessica & Tommy | 7-May-2016
Thank you so much for making the audio and music on our wedding day so wonderful. The sound at the ceremony was perfect and the music at the cocktail hour and reception really added to all the fun & celebration. Your professionalism and expertise as a DJ gave us one less major thing to worry about.

All the best,

Jessica & Tommy
Janet & Justin | 23-April-2016
Right from our very first consultation phone call, we knew we wanted to work with David. He was extremely easy to talk to, and just completely got the vibe we were going for. Unlike some of the other DJ's we interviewed, David wasn't afraid to offer his opinion when asked, and he was very comfortable suggesting songs, based on the kind of party we wanted to have. On the day of the wedding, David did a fantastic job of reading our very diverse crowd of guests. He masterfully navigated through our extensive song request list, and kept the mood fun and upbeat, and the dance floor crowded. David is incredibly professional, easy to work with, and just has an amazing personality that really shows in his work. We couldn't be happier that we chose David as our DJ!

Janet & Justin
Julie & Doh | 9-April-2016
Hi David!

We just got back from our honeymoon!
Thank you so much for being such an awesome DJ at our wedding.
Everyone was commenting on how great the music was. We even got our friends who don't normally dance to shake it on the dance floor! I really liked how you played all different types of music each section of the party. It was pretty hectic and crazy up to the wedding day, but everything went so well. Thank you for helping organize the music and us! Glad to hear we will see you again for our friend Joann's wedding! Yay!


“David is a fantastic DJ! He is a genuinely kind and honest person with years of music experience. Very learned in all types of music genre. He can play anything! All the things you look for in a wedding DJ- not cheesy, professional, timely, organized, responsive to the crowd, and gets the party going all night long. He also offers help with ceremony and cocktail music/sound set-up. The best thing about him is that he makes you feel comfortable and ensures your wedding music will be awesome. He is so great 3 of our friends have used him for their weddings! Keeping him in our files for future events...”

Julie and Doh
Kate & Brian | 14-Nov-2015
David was organized, attentive, punctual, and could really read the crowd. Everyone was dancing from the moment the dance floor opened. He heard our requests and elaborated from there. He made some great suggestions about floor plan and timeline. He was extremely friendly and cooperative. Great service. Great price.
Jorge Alexander & Megan | 11-Nov-2015
Boy am I glad that we picked such an incredible DJ! David was awesome all around. He really knew what kind of music we were into and did not skip a beat during the wedding. The music was flowing and the transitions between songs were just perfect. We really couldn't have asked for a better DJ. I've been to so many weddings where the DJ's literally just hit shuffle on a Macbook. The flow of the music from beginning to end was just perfect. I highly recommend David. He was professional, his equipment sounded great, he was dressed really nicely. Just all around a great DJ. You will be very happy with your decision if you go with David! Thanks for everything David!

Jorge Alex & Megan
Erin & Jameson | 7-Nov-2015
Hey David!

Thank you so much for being a part of our special day. We had an absolute blast, and that was quite in part to your service. The music was great, and I was so thrilled to hear so many of my requested songs being played. Within the first hour of the reception, I had friends and family telling me how there was not one song being played that they didn't like. It was awesome to work with a DJ who listened and cared about my input and requests and honored that. So thank you! We appreciate you!

Take care!

Erin and Jameson
Alex & Johanna | 8-Nov-2015
David and his team are as professional as they come. Keeps the people dancing when it counts. My wife and I cant wait to plan our next event with him. Lets just hope he's available!!

Alex & Johanna
Omar & Maryann | 23-Oct-2015
DJ Medina was amazing and was able to mix Mexican, Korean, American songs for our wedding in a danceable way for everyone. He is truly international! He even threw in some Samba I requested. I am extremely happy with his services and would recommend him with absolutely no reservation. DJ Medina was very easy to work with and really made you feel comfortable during a stressful time! DJ Medina announced everyone perfectly and confidently. The personalized one on one meeting before the wedding is key to a successful event!
Luis & Eric | 17-Oct-2015
David was the DJ at our wedding, and was excellent. Our guests raved about the music and everyone (young and old) had a great time dancing. David knows the right balance between seeking input from the couple, and using his expertise to create the right mix for everyone. We were particularly happy that David did an excellent job seamlessly combining English and Spanish language music, something that was very important to us. David did a fantastic job, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to others.
Ann Marie & Glenn | 3-Oct-2015
Everyone wants the contact info of my DJ!
After listening to my fairly vague ideas about what we wanted he put together the perfect playlist. He was fabulous, played just the right mix of old and new songs. Very danceable and fun!
Yes, David was "The Best Ever"! Could not have been happier.
Margarita & Craig | 22-Sept-2015
We were working with David Medina for our wedding at the Dumbo Loft. From consultation to music selection and execution, David is a true professional. The music at our wedding was a real hit and David kept the crowd dancing until the very end. Attitude and presentation wise, David walks a fine line between formal and really, really cool, and it just works! Our guests loved him! He has a fantastic ability to read the crowd and play to the current mood. Also, his ability to get our older guests dancing was very impressive! We wanted to incorporate a wide range of styles, from Motown, to Latin and even Albanian music -- David delivered across the board. After filling out a brief survey and getting on the phone I felt very comfortable that David understood what we were going for and he didn't disappoint. We're actively talking to our couple friends about hiring him for their weddings and hope to see him again soon!
Jen & Sal | 18-Sept-2015
DJ David Medina came highly recommended by two of my co-workers. David was a pleasure to work with, always timely with correspondence and very helpful with suggestions. He guides the entire process and touches base as needed. David kept the pace of our wedding really well and had everyone dancing. He has many years of experience and can accommodate any requests. Thanks so much David, we really appreciated your courtesy and professionalism and would gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a great DJ.
Liz & Brian | 12-Sept-2015
DJ David Medina was a fantastic DJ and a total pro. From our initial meeting to pre-wedding planning to doing our ceremony sound and music to the dance floor. David was organized, responsive, informative, patient, so, so kind, and just an excellent guy. We were surprised during the planning process by how many vendors expected us to guide them through interviews and planning, but with David we felt like we were in experienced but easy going hands. This is all in addition to the fact that with essentially no guidance from us he played excellent music all night and kept our dance floor PACKED beyond capacity. We planned a huge three day event and we chose David because at our initial meeting we felt like we could cross worrying about music completely off our list, and we were right. He schlepped out to our hard to reach, non-traditional venue on Shelter Island, set himself up, accommodated all of our last-minute issues and changes, and kept the night timed and flowing beautifully with just the right tone, and no awkward showboating. Finally, we know we didn't even use a tenth of his musical capacity, and we still felt like we won the DJ lottery. We so highly recommend David to anyone who wants an excellent dance party to be the centerpiece of their wedding.


Liz & Brian
Kim & Sarah | 6-Sept-2015

We want to send this note to thank you for an amazing night. You were wonderful to work with, extremely professional on all levels. We thought you did an exceptional job and were very happy with how the night went. Our guests had a phenomenal time. We appreciate your hard work and wanted to send this note to thank you.

Kim and Sarah
Rebecca & Will | 15-Aug-2015
DJ David Medina is wonderful! He was the DJ at a close friend's wedding and we decided to try to book him for ours. Unfortunately he was busy that night but he recommended DJ Marlon, who did a wonderful job and made our wedding really fun! Thanks so much guys, everyone loved the music at our wedding :-)
Erica & Bernard | 12-July-2015
We were so happy that we chose David as the DJ for our brunch reception and ceremony. He was detailed, accommodating, easygoing and professional- great characteristics for anyone you work with on your wedding day! I sweated the most about DJ selection and knew David was the one after our initial conversation. He has a great voice and is very calm and warm. I was worried people would be shy to dance during a mid-day Sunday party but this was not the case at all...people loved the music selection and danced the entire time! He even gave us pointers on how to set the tone that this was a dance party. :) He has such a broad music selection which was great for my husband's Haitian family and also for my mom's last minute request (at the reception) for Middle Eastern music which David had on hand. He was flexible and aimed to please which he did. He reviews all your music choices a few days before the wedding which made us totally confident that the announcements and music would go smoothly. I would highly recommend David!

Erica & Bernard
Sarah & Nate | 13-June-2015
Dear David,

Thank you so much for DJing our wedding on Saturday! The music was absolutely PERFECT- Nothing could have engaged the crowd, young and old, better than the mix you picked. We had so much fun dancing and we also thought the sound quality was terrific.

We would be so, so happy to write a review or recommendation or anything to help you build your business, if that's helpful - just let us know where.

All the best,

Sarah & Nate
Irina & Dorian | 12-June-2015
David was such a pleasure to work with! He really takes his job seriously, and cares a lot about his costumers and about making the wedding a truly special day. My now husband found him, and since the very first email he was very accommodating and interested in getting to know us. The whole process was very smooth, which we loved because we did not want any more complications than the ones we already had. We filled a questionnaire with the songs we wanted, which was extremely useful because it helped us think more carefully about what we wanted and what the guests would enjoy. When the day finally arrived, David was helpful, professional and fun, and all the guests adored the music selection and danced the whole time, as did we! If you are looking for the perfect DJ, David is your man.

Irina & Dorian
Dallyssa & Jonathan | 23-May-2015
David was the DJ for our NYC wedding and he was simply amazing! He's a really nice guy and very professional. I've been to those weddings with the cheesy DJs who talk way too much and wear sequins vests... David was the complete opposite. He was dressed professionally (hey, brides worry about appearances) and handled the announcements and introductions wonderfully. The music was amazing. We had a blast and received nothing but compliments from friends and family about how great the DJ was. He played the music we wanted (we provided a list) and also mixed in some of his own choices. It was great. I would highly recommend picking David for your wedding if you want an awesome dance party!

Dallyssa & Jonathan
Amy & Michael | 17-May-2015
David helped make our wedding day an absolutely magical experience for everyone who attended. I've been a big fan of his club DJ-ing for years, so I knew the music would be impeccable. He interfaced seamlessly with our venue on all the logistical details of equipment, etc. I simply made the introduction and he took care of the rest. He took the time to review the schedule of the event with us in advance, and understand what music would be required for each portion of the evening, so the soundtrack for each portion of the wedding was perfect. But David's biggest gift is his ability to read the crowd and play exactly what will get people on the dance floor and keep them there! I could not recommend him more highly. David is the best.

Best, Amy & Michael
Melissa & Francois | 16-May-2015
We chose David Medina as our DJ because we knew that he would give us the best music for our guests that were coming from different cultures and countries. If it was only from the recommendation list that I sent him, nobody would have danced that night. He was able to feel and read the crowd and give us the best music all night long. Everybody danced, Everybody! It was a success and mainly because of his music.
Maria & Erin | 4-April-2015

What a fantastic event! Truly exceeded my expectations. David, you were the highlight of the day- our guests could not stop talking about how great the music was and the sequencing of it all. At many points of the day everyone but my mom (who has a mobility issue) was dancing!

I wanted a happy wedding, and this truly was a happy day and made special by David who is an absolute pro.

We will recommend you to everyone we know and know that we will have another party together soon!

In gratitude,

Maria & Erin
Crystal & Hector | 21-March-2015
David Medina was a spectacular person from beginning to end. As I approached vendors for our wedding, the sole, most important factor was communication. A lot of vendors simply do not have the time and therefore, cannot find meaning, nor purpose in your very special event. David exhibited great professionalism. He invited us to one of his DJ events in NYC in order for us to experience his craft. He reached out to us because he wanted to assure he provided great service and fully understood what we sought. He answered any and all questions via email same or next day. He truly loves what he does and it shows with his need to be involved, understand who we are and our background, and made our wedding day flow organically. We are grateful and recommend him to all our friends and family.

Crystal & Hector
Annie & George | 05-December-2014
Best DJ we could have wished for at our last minute Wedding! He's professional, fun and knows a lot of music styles. He knows how to read and please a crowd with the perfect songs and styles of music. Everybody danced all night long!!!
Milena & Jessica | 19-Oct-2014
What an incredible evening, so much fun, so much love throughout the entire night. We wanted to send a big 'thank you' to David. He kept the guests dancing for 5 hours, from the moment he played 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' til the last second of 'Last Dance'. The energy in that room was just unbelievable and for the rest of our lives we will remember the most special night of our lives.

We can't count the number of guests who told us our wedding was the most fun party and the best wedding they've ever been to and DJ Medina played a very important role in making that happen.

Thank you so much and hopefully we will see you soon. Keep us posted on your gigs.

All the best,

Milena and Jessica
Lucy & Arvind | 04-Oct-2014
DJ David Medina played the best set at our wedding! Everything was perfect. He brought his own equipment and the sound was excellent! He caught on to our taste and played music for the span of guests to enjoy. Everyone was dancing. He helped make it a very special and magical night. I recommend this DJ without hesitation for any music needs.

Lucy & Arvind
Jessica & David | 03-Oct-2014
Honestly, hiring David Medina for my wedding was the best decision I have ever made. He is so professional and kind. My wedding was perfect and that is in large part to how talented David Medina is. David's knowledge of music makes his set so seamless. My guests are still raving about how much fun they had and how great the music was. I've been to about ten weddings this year including my own and I can say without hesitation, DJ David Medina is definitely the best around.

Jessica & David
Jess & Genaro | 27-Sept-2014
DJ David Medina was recommended to me after I had a few failed meetings with other DJs who didn't have the appropriate equipment, experience or enthusiasm. After speaking with him just once, I knew we had found our guy. He knew exactly what we were going for -- a mix of the old and new, 50s doo woop, 60s rock n'roll, 70s funk & R&B, 80s pop, 90s everything (because we're that old) and today's hits. He was the consummate professional throughout the evening. If you want to dance, shake, rattle and roll the night away, I highly recommend you give him a shout.

Jess & Genaro
Paulette & Greg | 14-Sept-2014
Working with David was such a pleasure! Having experienced his sets at other social events in NYC, my husband and I were confident in hiring him to spin at our wedding. Go ahead, book him! You won't regret it!
Sanghee & Dan | 03-Sept-2014
We hired DJ David Medina for our wedding and were very pleased with his services. He was very professional and handled our ceremony and reception perfectly.

David was the first vendor to arrive at our venue, and he set up his station before any of our guests were there. He was very easy to work with from the moment we hired him, to the end of the wedding reception, which made everything a breeze.

I have to mention that he was actually the point person I could count on for timing for various wedding scheduling, i.e. bride/groom entrance, cake cutting, etc. He helped extremely and was on cue with everything. His music choices were great and even though my husband and I had very different ideas on music selection, David managed to flow everything smoothly - this also included music requests from our guests. He even asked me if it was okay to play the Electric Slide, a song that was requested on the dance floor - which is a perfect example of his courteous nature.

I would highly recommend DJ David Medina for your wedding, especially if you are looking for someone to count on and trust to help make your wedding an exciting one.

Thank you so much, David!

Sanghee & Dan
Rozi & Sal | 22-July-2014
David is an incredible DJ! He knows his music well and knows how to mix various styles and languages without interrupting the flow. We had 4 different cultures to mix for our wedding and wanted to incorporate music from each of them, including Albanian, Italian, Spanish and English. He did an impeccable job and he doesn't even speak all the languages the songs were in. The guests at our wedding could not stop raving about how amazing the music was. People forgot about their food and in fact missed courses just to get on the dance floor. We gave David a list of songs that were a must play at our event and he played all of them, his attention to detail is impeccable. I've been to so many weddings where the DJ has messed up or forgotten something, like the father-daughter dance or even the wedding song, but David remembered everything including our "money dance song" which was in Albanian, a special mix that I wanted dedicated to my dad and many more small details. The best thing about him is that you literally won't have to worry about a thing. The music will play and you will love it. On top of it all, he is a genuinely nice guy with a positive energy that will put you in a good mood immediately. He makes great song suggestions and is very responsive. In short, book him! He is amazing, he will make your wedding amazing.

Rozi & Sal
Melissa & Zach | 13-July-2014
DJ David Medina truly made our wedding the best day of our lives! David had everyone on the dance floor all night! He is a joy to work with, very responsive and organized with all the details. He went above and beyond and even coordinated a live band for our cocktail hour - huge hit! Can't say enough great things about DJ David Medina.

Melissa & Zach
David & Karla | 30-June-2014
DJ David Medina helped to make our wedding the greatest night of our life. David is exceptionally warm, organized and a pleasure to work with. He made the whole process seamless and showed a deep passion for his work. David shows true mastery at his craft and was able to weave together an astoundingly broad range of music (at our request) that got our entire wedding party (spanning multiple continents, faith traditions, languages, and generations) dancing together throughout the night. His work is quintessentially professional, tasteful, and incredibly fun. We highly recommend DJ David Medina to anyone seeking exceptional DJ services.

David & Karla
Michelle & Xavier | 20-June-2014
DJ Medina is the man you want for your party. My now husband and I, wanted more than just a loft wedding, we wanted a bash, and we struggled to find a DJ who would make that happen, until another DJ personally recommended Mr. Medina.

David was accommodating and helpful from the beginning. Our first meeting was scheduled to fit our busy lives, and structured to help him gain insight into our tastes and the tastes of our guests. DJ Medina inquired as to the age of our guests, music that had sentimental value and the moods we wanted to set at the different stages of our wedding. When we would get stuck on what songs to use at particular moment, such as the recessional, he made lovely suggestions based on what he had already gleaned from our personalities. We provided a specific list of song "must haves" but left the rest open to him.

The week before the wedding he collaborated graciously with our coordinator. On the day of, he became part of our system for flowing effortlessly from one special moment to the next. His equipment was excellent and fit seamlessly into the modern decor of our wedding. He kept our guests engaged and was animated without being ostentatious, so no worries about the DJ trying to take center stage.

Most importantly every song that played reassured us that we had made the right choice. He played every song from our list and the rest, which we had left to him, was a fabulous mix that complimented both our Latin roots and New York style. We thank him and are grateful for his music knowledge, tastes and professionalism.
Dana & Jacob | 01-May-2014
We discovered David's DJ talents in 2010, when one of my bridesmaids got married in upstate NY. I had never had so much fun at a wedding (at least until our wedding). We danced all night long to the best mix of music and just had the greatest time. After I got engaged, I immediately knew we needed David for our party. Luckily for us he was available. From start to finish we had a fabulous time working with him. He's extremely friendly, easy to talk to and will work with you on whatever music ideas you have. We had very specific ideas for the cocktail hour and dinner music, but pretty much left the dance sets up to him. We were extremely happy with his selections, as were our guests. It was just perfect. Everyone was dancing all night (even my 2 year old nephew)! David accommodated our last minute changes with ease and was very thorough with all of our requests.

Not only were David's music choices spot on, but his stage presence is also great. Your DJ is setting the tone for your party, so it was really important to us to not have a "DJ personality" behind the mic, but a real person. His style when introducing us and the bridal party, as well as other announcements, throughout the evening was perfect - he's totally himself. Another huge plus - he's very prompt with responding to any questions via email or phone. I can't wait until I have another reason to have a party with a DJ, but until then I'll be referring the heck out of DJ Medina. David, we are so happy that you were able to DJ our wedding. It wouldn't have been the same without you there! Thank you thank you thank you for making our day so spectacular!

Dana B.
Erika & Nate | 13-April-2014
David Medina is a fantastic DJ and I would book him over and over again for my wedding.
From my first encounter over email, David was gracious, professional and a pleasure to work with. Given his experience, you don't have to worry about a thing, he does everything right, from equipment to music, to creating an amazing environment.

David played all the songs we wanted and kept the party going. The music was such a hit and everyone was having such a great time that we extended the wedding longer!! If that's not a testament to an amazing DJ, I don't know what is.

I would recommend hiring David for your wedding without hesitation!

Wedding: May 2012
Andrew & Priscilla | 05-April-2014
We hired David for our wedding in the Hudson Valley, NY and couldn't be happier with the service. From the second he started at cocktail hour to the very last song of the night, every single aspect of the music was perfect. People starting dancing from the second the salad came out and didn't stop until the end of the night. He listened perfectly to what we wanted to hear and tailored the music accordingly. Everything was seamless. He was also able to set up Brazilian drummers to come in at the end of the night, which was a great touch and people are still talking about it to this day 4 years later. Every one of our friends comments that it was the most fun wedding they have ever been to. I have been to many weddings and no DJ has even come close to David.

Andrew S.
Wedding: July 2010
Sofia M. | 03-April-2014
David is AMAZING! I was introduced to David by my sister Soledad. David was the DJ at her wedding last year. He knew exactly what kind of music we needed at the wedding. We are a tough crowd - our background is a combination of Ecuadorean, Swedish, French, DC-NYC, with family members in Asia! Basically, we are the United Nations. David was perfect for our crowd!! I loved his music so much, that I decided to have him come to DC for my husband's 40th Bday party. David was the star of the show. He played amazing Brazilian music, musica Latina, and my husband's favorite hip-hop with other amazing mixes. I highly recommend David - he is outstanding.
He is as good as it gets!!

Sofia M.
Joanna & Saul | 08-March-2014
David was a pleasure to work with. He took all of our favorite music and built it up into a seamless enjoyable mix. He had everyone up and dancing regardless of their age. He never loses sight that it is your evening and does everything possible to make it a memorable one. He not only listened to us...he responded to our guests. He made the whole evening seem so very easy.

Joanna K.
Soledad & Mikael | 01-March-2014
Dear David,

You have no idea how much I appreciate the job you did for us at our wedding. In fact, the best memories from our wedding are from the dancing to the amazing mix of music you put together.

I am so pleased to know my sister Sofia was able to contact you and that you were able to mix at their party in Washington, D.C. I feel so sad I was unable to make it to the party, but its so nice to hear from her that the party was amazing especially because the music was so great. She told me that once again you did an amazing job and everyone at the party loved the music and had a great time.

Please know I will always be grateful for your making my wedding an unforgettable experience. I will continue to refer you to as many people as possible and I hope we can have the pleasure to have you in another future event.


When my husband and I started organizing our wedding in Atlanta, I recall saying to my husband that the ideal wedding for me would be a wedding with music from all over the world. My husband is European and I'm Latin American so we needed to find a DJ that would accommodate all sorts of tunes from different parts of the world. For our wedding, we figured we wanted nothing but the best music for ourselves and our guests. That is when I determined that my first priority in organizing our wedding would be to find the best DJ anyone can hope for. Having lived in NYC for 13 years , I was fortunate to have come across DJ David Medina's music at various venues and parties in the city and having great memories from dancing and listening to his mix of music. I left NYC in 2011 to move to Asia and in 2013 I moved back to the US, but this time I moved to Atlanta, Ga.

When I started searching, I remember talking to my best friend in NY and saying to her how much I would like to contact DJ David Medina. However, I was no longer living in NYC and I didn't know if this could even be possible. I mean, I was shooting for the best DJ in NYC who is famous and who plays for the best venues in the city. I asked my friend to please go to one of the venues where he played and personally ask David Medina if he would be willing to travel to Atlanta and play his amazing mix of music at our wedding. In my mind, I thought this would only be possible in my dreams. However, David told my friend he would be willing to travel and that this could be arranged. As soon as I heard this, I contacted him and we made the proper arrangements , flight, equipment, and lodging. Everything was arranged smoothly and his trip to Atlanta was booked for our wedding day!

Until this day, my husband and I agree that our wedding turned out to be so successful due to the music. Everything went perfectly fine, but the MUSIC at our wedding was just AMAZING and until this day, all of our guests brag about the music and fun. Every single guest at our wedding danced, from the youngest guest to the oldest- it was simply amazing and I have David to thank for this! It was worth every effort it took to bring him to Atlanta.

My sister who lives in DC just hired David Medina for her husband's 40th birthday party -- she remembered how amazing his music was at our wedding so she contacted him directly and made the arrangements-- the party took place in DC this weekend and it was fantastic.

I want to thank David for his amazing work and in the future, no matter where we are, I hope we have the opportunity to work with him again even if It means flying him to the other side of the world. It's so worth it.

David is absolutely the best DJ on earth!

Soledad & Mikael N.
Wedding: August 2013
Kerry & Karan | 11-Nov-2013
DJ David Medina was a great DJ for our wedding reception, with a mix of Indian and American friends and relatives. We gave him some guidance but we aren't major music buffs so we really trusted him to take the lead. He played a fun mix of music and sprinkled in some great Indian songs that got everyone dancing. He also helped us to mix a special song for our 'first dance.' And he coordinated with my sister to play a song during a key moment of her toast. He was totally reliable and professional all the way through from planning to the big day.

Stephanie & Matt | 16-Oct-2013
Hi David, Thank you so much for making our night even more special than we could have ever imagined. The music flowed perfectly, and everyone raved about the night. We couldn't have asked for a better DJ, and will have those memories on the dance floor for life.

Thanks a million!

Diedre & Michael | 25-Sept-2013
David! Thank you so much for DJing our Wedding on Sunday. Everyone was talking about you and how wonderful you were. I absolutely LOVED everything you played, and I think we owe you a big thank you for the fact that we had so many people up on the dance floor! We will definitely be recommending you!
Thank you so so much!

Deidre & Mike

P.S. Oh and if you have that video of Mike crowd surfing...we'd love to see it :-)
Ann K. D. | 02-Sept-2013
Hey David, made it to Festa Mundial & Bembe this week. DANG! You are an AMAZING DJ! You have the best collection of music and you really know how to read your crowd! Truly awesome!

Megan & Pete | 27-August-2013
Hi David! We had such a great time at the wedding and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed yourself too. The music played such a huge part in making the night a success. My parents were absolutely thrilled and thought you did an amazing job. Everything was superbly done and we could not be happier with you!

I hope this testimonial helps...

I'll start off by saying that we hired David for our wedding and would do so again, with full confidence, for any type of event. He did exactly what we had discussed at our meetings, from the announcements to the music itself. He was able to play almost everything we had on our playlist, his timing was perfect and he knew how to read the crowd so that there were always people on the dance floor. We couldn't imagine things going smoother!

Thanks again for a great night!

Megan N.
Catherine V. | 05-July-2013
Dear David,

Thanks for your absolutely fantastic music at Favela Cubana. I live in Princeton, NJ and every time I come to the city I try to come to your party. You have just great music!

Greta & Michael | 02-May-2013
Hi David,
We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for such a wonderful evening of great music. We could not have asked for anything more. Everyone had a great time and danced the night away. Thank you so much for your expertise and your professionalism. It was our pleasure having you share in our special day. We strongly recommend David's services for your next event.

Greta & Michael
Laura & Vinnie | 10-Apr-2013
Vinnie and I just want to thank you again for a lovely evening. EVERYONE had a great time! They loved the food, wine and music. All important ingredients for a great party. Clearly there was no shortage of dancing which was exactly what we wanted.

Take care,
Lauren & Brian | 22-Mar-2013

Your DJ skills were a highlight of the evening! Hiring you was a great choice and I could tell that from our first conversations. Thank you for playing the music we requested while creating a great energy the entire evening. Everything flowed perfectly and the dance floor was filled the entire night with young and old!

David was recommended to my spouse and I by the event manager at Del Posto (our wedding locale). He was simply amazing! Completely professional, crowd-pleasing and courteous. He tailored the music to our wedding schedule of events and guest preferences, and played an extra hour for us at a moment's notice. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a DJ - he was fantastic!

Thanks again!
Lauren M.
Sue & Liz | 22-Oct-2012
David Medina was not only wonderful and easy to work with, he proved to be an excellent DJ. He mixed great music, had a fabulous selection, was versatile with the mood, and knew how to work the party. He gave us everything we asked for but also worked with the management of Del Posto, a restaurant in New York that also had a dinner crowd to cater to during our event. He knows balance and sets the time for a great event -- And his prices are reasonable for what you get. If you choose to work with him, you won't be disappointed!!!

Sue T. & Liz
Shelley C. | 19-Oct-2012
Hugs and kisses to you for making this happen. Since I discovered Festa Mundial on Thursdays in July, I have only missed 1 Thursday due to illness. I LIVE for this every week and I cannot thank you enough for creating the space for music and dance lovers alike to commune and come together in celebration of our culture and our community. You are a gem and a gift and I am so grateful that this is party is ongoing!
Yumi & Andre | 07-Oct-2012
Thank you for an amazing job! We were thrilled with your work at our wedding!. Great party and thank you for your great music choice & performance!

Andre & Yumi
Diaka & Jon | 18-Sep-2012
DJ David Medina brought some Brooklyn to our upstate N.Y. wedding. We had guests from England to Poland, Colombia to Lithuania, Thailand to Albania -- the entire globe. The bride's West African family was dancing with the Amish. "My husband didn't even dance when WE got married!" My mom's amazed friends told me. And DJ Medina kept the party going all night. We ran out of dance-floor space before sunset so guests were dancing on the grass. By the end of the night, guests were begging for one more song. To this day, people still rave about our reception. Having a pro like David behind the mic at your party is like having a secret weapon. We had a blast, our guests had a blast, it was just indescribable. So glad we booked YOU and I hope you had half as much fun as we did.

Thank You,
Diaka & Jon
Robert Z. | 06-Jul-2012

I just wanted to send an email to let you know how happy I was with the first class performance you provided us for my wife's birthday celebration on Friday.

You did a fantastic job! The music selections were great and everyone commented on what a great evening it was. As you could see, the kids, including my two daughters, were out there performing for all of us with the music. You were a big part of the night.

I just wish you were closer to us in Los Angeles so we can have you at another party. Maybe we will have to fly you out for our next big party.

Thanks again, David!

Let me know if you would like me to post anything on any website recommending you or feel free to use my name on your website as a reviewer. I would be happy to speak to anyone considering your services as a previous client. You did a fantastic job! I couldn't be happier with the job and level of performance, David.

Robert Z., M.D.
Liz Z. | 30-Nov-2011
Hi David,
Once again, thank you for an AMAZING time last night - your DJ'ing always makes for an incredible, positive, spiritual, creative atmosphere.

Elizabeth & Davon | 20-Oct-2011
Thank you so much for helping to make our special day memorable!
Allison S. | 12-Oct-2011
Hi David!

I think I am still recovering from Saturday night's festivities ha, ha. Thank you SO MUCH for all your coordination with the music and entertainment. I have to say, the Brazilian dancers were a huge hit, and now everyone thinks I am a party planning genius. All the credit goes to you on that one for sure!

I will definitely be contacting you for any future events (and will happily refer you to friends).

It is so nice to work with you again, David. You are the best!!

Pamela M. | 16-July-2011
I first discovered David Medina in 2004 through a salsa party in New York, for whom he was the regular weekly DJ. It soon became my favorite dance party because he could be counted on to always have the best and the latest music, and to know how to read his audience and keep the energy and momentum going on the dance floor. When I was planning my wedding I knew right away I wanted David Medina to be the DJ. He conducted a detailed interview before the wedding to make a comprehensive plan for what I needed. While I would I have liked salsa music all night long! I needed more variety and flexibility to keep all my guests happy. He provided great lounge music for the cocktail hour and dinner that was appealing to both the elderly people in the crowd and my peers, and fit beautifully with the atmosphere of the outdoor oceanfront venue. He was a charming host during the speeches portion of the event, and then he kicked off a dance party that was unforgettable. I got my salsa music, but he also played some great 80s songs and modern music that non-salsa-dancing people could also enjoy. The dancing went on strong, all the way to the noise curfew for the hotel, and we certainly could have gone on longer thanks to Medina's expert musical guidance. David Medina is a professional in every sense of the word, utterly reliable, and he will create for you the wedding music experience you always envisioned - and then some. 5 Stars.
Lorraine & David | 19-May-2010
The customized song for our wedding turned out perfect and people commented that the music was great all night. You can also tell that you're a crowd pleaser because there were crowds of people dancing all night.
Goussy & Geoff | 22-Nov-2009
DJ Medina!!! David, thank you for making our wedding reception such a memorable and joyful dance party. It was so wonderful to see our relatives and friends young and old dancing with complete abandon to your mix of tunes. Speaking of which, kudos to you for putting together just the right mix of music for us, being musicians with such a wide range of tastes. You hit all the right spots! :-)

Thank you!!

Goussy C.
Jose | 10-Jul-2009
David ... My first time at Bembe... wow! Man, I'm a fan. You rocked the house! Great mix of salsa, funk, and spicy tunes from all over the place... I am the venezuelan guy that couldn't stand still. I'm bringing some friends along next time! Yeah, add me to the mailing list.
Julia E. G. | 07-Jun-2009
You're Great at what you do...your talent moves me to that deep place within that can't make me stop moving, no matter how tired my feet are...;) Thank you! Can't wait to dance again, next time save one for me!

Nikaury R. | 07-Jun-2009
You ROCKED THE HOUSE at Bembe last night!!! Besos
Amelia | 01-Jan-2009

You are TOO amazing! What a professional!!! Sending out e-mails to your followers. Listen, I am a Bembe addict and it is all do to YOU and YOUR amazing talent. Your love for your profession is very obvious and it transcends to all of us on the dance floor. Basically, it starts with you...

Healthy and happy 2009!

Amelia (Italian from the Bronx)
Martin & Valerie | 21-Nov-2008
Thanks so much for doing such an amazing job with our wedding despite the lack of preparation on our side. You did a great job and we were so pleased with the ceremony. Everyone enjoyed and we couldn't be happier.

Thanks for doing our wedding!
Valerie & Martin
Martin B. | 20-Oct-2008
Hey David!

I'm that Canadian guy who shows up in NY twice a year at one of your events and says hi. Just dropping a note to say I was at Bembe in Williamsburg this weekend, and had a blast. At first I was slightly surprised at the Kompa music (I expected a salsa evening with more space) but you made it so soulful and had such great selections I ended up enjoying myself very much and met some cool people and danced much of the night and almost closed the bar. Thanks for making a great evening with your music... you're the best! :-)

Sheryl W. | 11-Sep-2008
I was the mother of the groom at a recent wedding deejayed by DJ Medina. It was the most high energy, joyous and fun party I've ever attended, with practically every guest up on the dance floor, due in large part to DJ Medina's ability to read the crowd's mood and heat it up a notch! I highly recommend him.
Michelle & Scott | 08-Jul-2008
Thank you for making our wedding the most fun wedding we have ever been to! We had the best time and have heard the same from all our friends. You really know how to read your crowd and get them on the dance floor and you're professionalism was much appreciated. We will recommend you to anyone who is looking.


Michelle G.
John B. | 13-Jun-2008
Hi, David -

I just want to say thank you again for spinning such a great party on Tuesday at the Metropolitan Opera House for American Ballet Theatre's Noche Latina. Countless people were complimenting you all night long. You really made the whole event feel fantastic. Everyone loved it.

Thanks again,
Best, John
John B.
Director of Special Events
American Ballet Theatre
Julia E. A. | 07-Apr-2008

I was at Bembe last Saturday and just wanted to let you know that I had such an amazing time. You're taste in music and the combination of it all is wonderful. Keep up the outstanding work and I hope to party with you a lot more.

with love,
Jenn & Rick | 07-Jan-2008

I have to thank you for the absolutely perfect job you did holding down the wedding.

I had a blast, I was so glad that you handled the ceremony as well. I knew I was in good hands!!! I had the best night of my life, and I couldn't be happier. I can't wait to go out and see you spin again! From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

You killed it!!!!

Jenn N.
Alex V. | 16-Apr-2007
Hola David,

I'm writing in to say your sound is still moving me, four days after your gig at Crash Mansion on Thursday. Gracias! Please put me on your mailing list for any upcoming dates.

Thanks for your work y cuidate!
Alex V.

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